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54B003– D. Álvaro Vaz de Almada (13?? - 1449) New
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This figure represents the great Portuguese knight D. Álvaro Vaz de Almada during a tournament in the XV century. Due to his distinguished services in the 100 year war, he was made knight of the Garter and count of Avranches in Normandy by Henry VI of England, therefore the figure shows him wearing a blue garter lined in gold under the left knee. The knight is standing by the banner of the red cross of St. Jorge, the royal standard with the arms of Portugal and the royal banner. At his waist, he carries a sword with Portuguese guards typical of Portuguese noblemen of the XV century. On top of the tournament armour the knight wears a richly decorated tabard with his arms and with his left arm he holds a crested tourney helm for combat with mace or sword. On his right hand, he holds a rebated lance with a blunted head.

54G008– Portuguese Paratrooper (Guinea 1966-1974) Coming Soon
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This figure represents a Portuguese Paratrooper of company CCP121 from Battalion BCP12 with a war dog in Bolama during the preparation of ‘Ciclone II’ operation in 1968, February 25th in Portuguese Guinea. This operation consisted of an heli-assault to a PAIGC guerrilla base in the Cafal-Cafine region. This PAIGC unit regularly scourged the fluvial trains that carried logistical support. The operation that involved 175 paratroopers from companies CCP121 and CCP122 took by surprise the enemy and totally annihilated the PAIGC bigroup of 59 men that were sheltered in the jungle of Cafine, killing 40 enemies and capturing the other 19. The casualties among the Paratroopers were 3 serious wounded and two light wounded men. In 1968, BCP12 was decorated with the war cross 1st class. This paratrooper is wearing the PQ/9 camouflaged combat field uniform which was based on the French paratrooper pattern camouflage uniform used in Algeria. The beret is green and on the left it has the Air Force’s silver eagle within a gilt wreath. The personal web equipment is olive green and it is of US origin. He carries a belt feed 7.62mm HK21 Machine gun introduced experimentally in 1968 and standardised in 1970 as a support weapon. War dogs were used to guard Air bases but could also be used in combat missions and jump from the air in parachute.

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