Portuguese sailors may have sailed along the coastline of Australia as far back as 1542. Some maps have been found which show parts of what appears to be the Australian coastline. But there is no definite proof that they did. In December 1605, the Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernandez de Quiros left Callao in Peru and journeyed south. He made it as far as the New Hebrides, naming the islands Australia del Espiritu Santo. Another ship in the party led by Luis Vaz de Torres sailed through the Torres Strait. His records, however, do not mention of sighting land to the south

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Did the Portuguese "discover" Australia in the 1520's?

There is much circumstantial evidence to suggest that a Portuguese discovery of Australia in the 1520's is highly probable. There is much evidence to suggest that it was neither the Dutch nor the British to be the first Europeans to discover Australia, but the Portuguese, around the 1520's. As stated in McIntyre's "Secret Discovery ... Showed first 50 words of 1917 Size (words) ...




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